Laser Eye Surgery

20/20 Laser Eye Surgery. 99% Experience Clear Natural Sight.

Laser eye surgery is the process of reshaping the front surface of the eye (the cornea) in order to correct minute imperfections which affect the eye’s ability to focus. Depending on the treatment deemed suitable, a thin layer is gently lifted away from the surface of the eye so the laser can access the layer below and correct the prescription with pinpoint accuracy. All this is carried out using laser technology to eliminate potential complications and improve the results for every patient we treat.

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

During treatment, anaesthetic drops are administered, so the procedure is pain-free. We understand that people are sensitive and protective of their eyes and we take the utmost care to ensure the patient is comfortable and safe. During the period after treatment, patients may experience some discomfort as the eye naturally heals. All required eye drops are provided, and over-the-counter painkillers can be taken to ease any pain if required.

Will my vision revert back to how it was before treatment?

No. Laser eye surgery creates a permanent change to the surface of the eye which will never be ‘undone’. Before eye surgery, we ensure the patient has a stable prescription in order to achieve the best possible results – as an unstable prescription means that the eye is still changing and improvements made by having laser eye surgery may be affected. As everybody heals differently, we offer free enhancement or top-up treatments to fine-tune the results so the patient obtains the best vision possible.

Will I need reading glasses when I’m older?

Presbyopia (the need for reading glasses) is a condition brought on by the natural loss of flexibility of the lens and muscles in the eye. Laser eye surgery corrects only the outer surface of the eye, so the lens is still prone to natural degradation and reading glasses may still be needed. In order to reverse the effects of presbyopia, lens surgery may be a suitable option, which involves replacing the natural lens with a synthetic one to meet the patient’s visual requirements.

What happens if I blink or move during laser eye surgery?

Before treatment, your eye will be gently held open and anaesthetic drops applied. Our state-of-the-art technology tracks even the smallest movement of the eye and corrects the laser accordingly. Any larger movements will cause the laser to temporarily stop, and it will start again when the eye is confirmed to be back in position. Treatment is completed in a matter of seconds and patients are often amazed at how quick the whole procedure is.

Why choose BUEH?

BUEH, lead by Dr.Masud-Ul-Hassan Moorfields Eye Hospital, London qualified Eye surgeon, prides itself on offering state-of-the-art treatments and maintaining clinical excellence. Our advanced procedures offer the joy of naturally clear vision, providing freedom from glasses and contact lenses.